Now that you have come this far, you're most likely wondering why you're going to click to our website and buy our Logo shirts, mugs, and bags?
It's simple. They are high quality, look amazing and everyone is going to ask you where you got them. Simple as that. Oh yeah, they are gonna look good on you!

Do you have a favourite small town? Were you born there, visit it once or did you go there every summer when you were a kid? The small town retro vibe makes me think of a simpler time. Roaming around the streets until the street lights came on and you headed home. I grew up in exactly that type of town. No, it wasn't Langford but this is where I have laid my roots and will live forever.  Being in the military has moved me all over the country. After all of the places I have lived, I love Langford the most! I am a proud homeowner in the heart of Langford and wanted to design a line that shows my love of Langford! Everyone I have ever met from here loves living here and rarely ventures elsewhere because it has everything we need. Head downtown? It is "just too far".......that's how much I love Langford.

How did I come up with this logo? The classic look of the buffalo plaid lumber jacket, or "Langford Dinner Jacket" was just the right fit and looked amazing with the logo. I wanted to put it on soft, tri-blend shirts in many assortments, sweet drinking cups and our amazing hats (in both Trucker and Baseball style).  They are going to be limited edition with maximum 24 produced of each style. Get them right away because they will not last!

Is there something you don't see or a size we don't have? Please email me and I will do my best to get it for you!


Ricky Bobby

My love for comfy clothes, cool logos, and Langford made me want to start this business. I am hoping you love them as much as I do!

Ricky Bobby is my French Bulldog, best friend, and the head of the Quality Control. He makes sure everything is on point for you!

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